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Plea for the Preparation of Severe International Treaty at WHO-FCTC@“ϊ–{•Ά
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Coalition on a Smoke-free Environment for Kids in Japan
1chome-21-1-702, Tamatsukuri, Chuouku,
Osaka 540-0004, JAPAN@
Tel,Fax +81-6-6765-5020
emailiPlease change — to @j 
url http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~muen/smokefree.htm
@ Every year for twenty years from 1988, we have
been campaigning a smoke-free environment for kids.
Our national campaign had two objectives, the
creation of smoke-free environments where children
live and play, and role modelling on exemplars.
Other aims of our campaign are smoking prevention
for the young generation and to change the atmos-
phere to be tolerant of smoking.
@ We posted up 240,000 anti-smoking posters for
the fifteenth year's campaign utilizing the awarded
children's pictures, at schools, hospitals, public
places, and railway stations. The poster, mark,
paper-slide picture and catchword contest on theme
of a smoke-free environment for kids was held to
arouse public opinion and to be effective in non-
smoking education. About 20,000 works were sub-
mitted in ninth campaign.
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@ Every year for ten years from 1988, we have been campaigning a smoke-free
environment for kids. We posted up 180,000 anti-smoking posters for the ninth
year's campaign utilizing the awarded children's pictures, at schools, hospitals,
public places, and railway stations.
@ In contest on theme of a smoke-free environment for kids, a paper-slide
picture contest was popular.
@ We printed one thousand pieces of the awarded paper-slide picture, and sent
these to schools and health centers which wished for non-smoking teaching
materials. These paper-slide pictures had a public response, and were effective
in non-smoking education.
@ We would like to present one of the paper slide-pictures 'A Cigarette's
Exploration', which pupils in a primary school wrote and painted.
@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@painted and written by Mika Matushita
1. Hello! I am a cigarette. People often say " We know it's bad for our health,
@ but we cannot quit." So they keep smoking me.
2. It was in spring. I was being smoked on the platform at a train station. As
@ usual, since I was being smoked I felt very light.
@ Then I noticed many cold voices surrounding me. It was a group of old women
@ on their way shopping and some junior high school students and elementary
@ pupils going home after school. In the group, there was a mother and a child
@ who were holding hands.
3. I noticed a strange thing. The people looked at me and said things like, "Oh,
@ such a child......" "Mom, it smells bad" "It really smells bad. We should
@ walk fast"
@ Some of them put their handkerchiefs over their mouths, and glanced at me.
@ Then for the first time I realized the people's reactions around me. They
@ frowned and scowled at me. I wondered who was smoking me.@So I looked at the
@ person. He looked like a junior high school student.@Until then I had never
@ looked@at the people who were smoking me.@So I was very surprised that a
@ junior high school student was smoking me.
4. Since the people surrounding me do not like me.@I wanted to know if I caused
@ trouble or physical harm.@
@ Then I decided to travel.@Before I started traveling I thought I should read
@ books to know more about myself.@So I went to the library.
5. I opened a big book, and inside it I found the word tobacco.@It said that
@ Tobacco's major ingredient is nicotine it also contains tar which causes
@ cancer, and has carbon monoxide which hinders important oxygen.
@ So a tobacco smoker tends to get cancer and heart decease easier compared to
@ non-smokers.@They also die earlier.@There were some photos and the lungs of
@ the smokers were dark black.@It said that tobacco harms not only the smokers,
@ but also the non-smokers around them.
@ The second-hand smoke which rises from the edge of a cigarette has stronger
@ stimulation compared to the first-hand smoke@which the smoker breaths. It is
@ also written that it has several times more substances that cause cancer, and
@ can cause cough,@colds, pneumonia, bronchitis allergies, rhinitis tympanists
@ and asthma to non-smokers.@Then I understood one thing.@That was why the
@ people who passed by me had unpleasant expressions on their faces. I had been
@ bothering other people. I was@really shocked.
6. Then I read the next page. It said that the number of people dying of cancer,
@ especially lung cancer is increasing. I thought cancer was the origin of the
@ disease. It also said that smoke sometimes causes lung cancer in non-smokers.
@ I was really shocked when I understood that there were some people who died
@ of cancer because that were forced to breath smoke from smokers around them.
@ You do not smoke tobacco but people around you do, and because of that you
@ get cancer. I was really depressed so I left the library.@I wondered if it
@ was really happening inside human bodies. I wanted to make sure and to see
@ the facts for myself.
7. So I decided to shrink myself to the size of a 'BB' and jump inside a person
@ who smokes. Just then a man was laughing and his mouth was wide open like a
@ hippo so I jumped in.
8. It was really dark. It seemed like I had been pushed off into the bottom of
@ a ravine. Down and down I fell then I finally hit the ground with a thud. It
@ was even darker here, and there was no electricity.

9. In the dark I saw a shadow of a person. I was scared, but I went closer and
@ closer step by step. 'Who are you?' I asked. 'Me?' I am a cancer cell which
@ appears in the body of people who smoke tobacco and do not care for
@ themselves.@When I heard the name 'cancer' I was really shocked.@'People
@ really do not take care of themselves.'@'.........'@ 'Hey, you!! Don't
@ smoke tobacco. It makes you die sooner. Because of nicotine in tobacco it is
@ also very hard to quit.@Even if you really want to quit. About 70 or 80
@ percent of smokers want to quit, but they can't. It's such a tragedy. If they
@ had never started smoking, they would not have to struggle to quit at all.@
@ Well, see you .... gambatte.'
@ He left and@right away I said 'tha.... tha...@ Thank you.' I forward again.
@ Suddenly I felt loneliness and was about to cry. Why do people smoke tobacco,
@ which causes harm and has no merit.
10. When I realized where I was, I was outside. I saw a baby there. She was
@ smiling and her tiny face looked like an angel. I hope she will not smoke in
@ the future.@However, the book which I found in the library said if a mother
@ or father smokes, then their babies are more likely to be miscarried or they
@ are small and weak.@When these babies grow up they tend to get cancer easier.
@ However this baby will be O.K., won't she?
11. I walked more and more. When they looked at me , some made unpleasant faces,
@ and others pretended that they didn't see me at all.@I smelled tobacco so I
@ looked up. There was a man, smoking tobacco. I heard the voice of his body.@
@ 'It is really bad. It is his choice to smoke tobacco, but I want to tell him'
@ 'Think about your health!!''
@ 'Yes, I want to shout, too, 'Hey, quit smoking, it's not only bad for your
@ health. It is also bad for other people around you!!''
@ 'He thinks it's cool to smoke. Yet the younger you start smoking the more
@ harm you can do to your body. Think about your future!!'
@ 'If we could speak we would like to tell him.'@'I really hate smoking!!'
@ In order to run away from those voices, I kept running and running. I felt so
@ miserable.
12. When I realized where I was, I was at a fountain in the mountains. There
@ were some people there, too.@I felt sorry to meet people so I hid behind a
@ tree.

13. Then a car came down the road.@As it passed something was thrown out of the
@ car window. I went over to see what it was. There was a cigarette lying on
@ the dry grass and it was still lit. I got scared and ran away from there. I
@ thought something might happen later. A little while later I looked back and
@ there were flames rising from the place where there had been.
14. I learned a lot from my explorations. I'd rather not exist! I have no good
@ merit. People become addicted and can't quit smoking even when they want to.
@ They do not know how very sad their bodies are, and they do not realize that
@ their bodies are not only for them. As long as I have existed. I have harmed
@ people, burned forests and made the earth cry.@Those are the only things I
@ can do. Those things should not have happened.@I wish I had never existed.
15. I don't enjoy harming people but it is that tobacco is the only cause. We
@ can not say to people 'please do not smoke us'@So until people realize that
@ tobacco is bad, it will keep harming them.
@ When the day comes when people understand tobacco is really bad.@We will
@ feel really honored.